Meet Savannah & Seattle

Meet Savannah & Seattle

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Who are Savannah and Seattle, you ask? These two little super hero girls were diagnosed with rare, incurable and life threatening disorders shortly after their first birthdays. Savannah with Mitochondrial Disease, and Seattle with Transverse Myelitis.

To find out more about mitochondrial desease, we invite you to keep an eye on Savannah’s mom, Amber Greenawalts blog
Also follow her on Social Media: Facebook and twitter

For more info on Transverse Myelitis, or to follow Seattle’s daily adventures and to track her progress with her upcoming surgeries please like her Facebook page or follow her mom, Lindsay Cairns, on Twitter

The girls also have a combined Facebook and Twitter page where you can also keep track of their day-to-day life, struggles and adventures

Leah would also like to encourage people to read this beautiful article written by Seattle’s mother

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